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The BHI Strategy Lab explores game-changing business ideas by capturing, developing, and applying cutting-edge thinking from within and beyond business.

We are not your traditional consultants: we are a diverse group of philosophers, data scientists, biologists, and engineers working with leading academics and external collaborators.

The Strategy Lab was created to formalize a research body within BCG that would help identify and develop ideas that will change the way leaders think about strategy. 

Some of our current research themes include resilience & navigating uncertainty, imagination & innovation, and corporate vitality.

Research Themes


Resilience & Navigating Uncertainty

How can companies build resilience to increase their capacity to absorb stress, recover critical functionality, and thrive in altered circumstances?

Harvard Business Review | March 25, 2022

Make Resilience Your Company’s Strategic Advantage

We explore and refute five false beliefs about resilience and look at the key steps required to build it and bake it into strategy and operations.


Imagination & Innovation

We need imagination now more than ever—to find new opportunities, rethink our businesses, and discover paths to growth.

Books | March 7, 2022

The Imagination Machine

Most leaders agree that imagination in business is crucial for success but they struggle to cultivate this capability. Explore how to harness the power of imagination.


Corporate Vitality

Learn how to measure and manage corporate vitality—the capacity to explore new options, renew strategy, and grow sustainably.

Fortune | December 2, 2021

The 2021 Fortune Future 50: An Index for Tomorrow’s Growth—and Today’s Resilience

The companies on the 2021 list reflect some of the most salient shifts in the business environment, including those triggered by the pandemic.


Strategies of Change

Why do some corporate transformations fail while others succeed? Explore how leaders can navigate organizations through change.

BCG Henderson Institute | June 14, 2021

Transform for Resilience

Keep resilience on the transformation agenda. Change programs that prioritize growth, debt reduction, and operational flexibility realize the full value of resilience and build advantage for the next crisis.


Winning the ’20s

The winners in business have shifted markedly in the last decade. What will it take to win in the ’20s?

BCG Henderson Institute | April 26, 2021

Winning the ’20s in an Accelerated Post-COVID World

Leaders now need to refocus on the long term and attend to five key imperatives.


Our Strategy Lab team’s latest books explore emerging opportunities for business leaders to navigate today’s complex environment.


The Imagination Machine

Most leaders agree that imagination in business is crucial for success but they struggle to cultivate this capability. Explore how to harness the power of imagination.


Inspiring the Next Game series

Strategy is by definition a changing art: strategy is about generating competitive advantage, but what it takes to create advantage is always evolving. This series takes a broad view of strategy, reflecting the multifaceted imperatives that leaders face.


Your Strategy Needs a Strategy

The world of strategy is thick with ideas and frameworks; Your Strategy Needs a Strategy will help you cut through the noise and find clarity regarding which approach, or combination of approaches, is your best bet.

30 Minutes | March 21, 2023

The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism with Martin Wolf

"We can never assume that our comfortable, safe lives in a democratic capitalist society are going to go on forever if we don’t do anything for it. The system is wonderful, but it’s also fragile."

24 Minutes | May 5, 2021

How Boards Work with Dambisa Moyo

Moyo argues that today’s boards have three main tasks: shaping the company strategy, selecting leaders (in particular, the CEO), and safeguarding the company’s culture, ethics, and values. She provides valuable advice on how these central tasks can be executed effectively.

41 Minutes | September 28, 2022

Rita McGrath and Roger L. Martin on the Nature of Competitive Advantage

Listen to Roger L. Martin, Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto, Rita McGrath, Professor of Strategy at Columbia Business School, and Martin Reeves as they debate the nature of competitive advantage.

Harvard Business Review | April 10, 2023

Radical Optionality

The next era of competition is at hand. To succeed in an environment of high uncertainty, greater short-term pressure, and tighter resource constraints, companies must become even better and more efficient at developing options for future advantage while continuing to perform in the present.

BCG Henderson Institute | March 15, 2023

Making Corporate Change Work: Lessons from Superprojects

We attempt to distill the lessons from two truly ambitious projects—NASA’s Apollo program and Pfizer’s Lightspeed project—and show how, to succeed, projects and organizations must resolve the tensions between ingenuity and control.

Harvard Business Review | March 15, 2023

Has Your Organization Acted on What It’s Learned in the Pandemic?

As the pandemic marks a third anniversary, business leaders around the world are eager to move on. But few companies have systematically institutionalized what they’ve learned from their Covid-19 experience to build resilience.

BCG Henderson Institute | March 2, 2023

Chatting About Strategy

The uses and limits of large language models.

Harvard Business Review | February 15, 2023

Your Strategy Needs a Story

Through stories, mere facts and information are turned into a shared mental model of how the business works and where it is heading.

BCG Henderson Institute | January 3, 2023

Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Corporate Entanglement

In the increasingly politicized environment, leaders face the choice of leaning into politics or having the courage of restraint by limiting engagement. We argue they should choose restraint, for the sake of business and society.

Martin Reeves

Martin Reeves

Chairman, BCG Henderson Institute