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Our Tech & Biz Lab helps leaders navigate the rapidly changing technology landscape—sharing insights on how they can best adopt new technologies to reap their full potential and leave a lasting impact on organizations, individuals, and society.

We are not your traditional consultants: we are a diverse group of data scientists, engineers, and tech enthusiasts working with leading academics, external collaborators, and partners. 

Our Tech & Biz Lab explores the technology horizon and shares actionable insights with leaders. 

Some of our current research themes include topics such as AI competitiveness, deep tech, and AI & society.

Research Themes


AI Competitiveness

How can companies and governments unlock the full benefits of AI to build competitive advantage?

Fortune | June 3, 2022

You Can Now Put A.I. Tools In The Hands of All Your Employees. But Should You?

If they’re used indiscriminately, no-code/low-code platforms for A.I. are likely to end up doing more harm than good.


Deep Tech

Explore emerging transformational technologies beyond AI and their potential impact on businesses.

BCG.COM | May 19, 2022

What CEOs Need to Know About Deep Tech

Advanced technologies will bring big changes. Which companies will be ready to capitalize?


AI & Society

AI can be a critical lever to both solve and heighten societal challenges. How can we ensure that it creates a positive impact?

MIT Sloan Management Review | October 7, 2021

AI-at-Scale Hinges on Gaining a ‘Social License’

Only when companies are able to earn a social license for AI, winning the trust of employees, customers, and society at large, will they have what is required for the sustained use of AI at scale.


Bionic Customer Interactions

Consumer preferences are rapidly evolving with the emergence of new technologies. What could the future of consumer interaction look like?

TED | December 16, 2021

Siri, Alexa, Google…What comes Next?

What will the next generation of digital helpers look like? BCG Henderson Institute Fellow Karen Lellouche Tordjman breaks down the two critical challenges engineers need to crack before they can usher in a new age of smart voice assistants


Systemic Trust

In the digital era, the demand for trust is skyrocketing. How can a company design a digital architecture to build trust among its stakeholders?

BCG.COM | May 20, 2022

What AI Reveals About Trust in the World’s Largest Companies

BCG’s AI-based Trust Index enables companies to break down stakeholder perceptions of their trustworthiness. Analyses based on the Index have yielded valuable insights about what builds, sustains, or destroys trust.

Leading-edge thinking

Our monthly column in Fortune shares new ideas to inspire leaders at the intersection of technology, business, and society.

Fortune | June 2, 2023

What Your Company Needs to Build a Winning ‘Deep Tech’ Strategy

A comprehensive deep tech strategy, coupled with effective transition management, will position your company for success in this transformative era.

Fortune | May 5, 2023

Companies Need to be Socially Responsible in the Metaverse too

If companies invite users to enter the virtual worlds they’ve created, society expects them to take responsibility for user experiences.

Fortune | April 7, 2023

What’s Missing From Your Company’s A.I. Transformation is a Transformer

For industry incumbents to get more out of A.I., they need to allow for meaningful collaboration with 'transformers' who understand the technology deeply.

Fortune | March 3, 2023

Four Steps to Building a Synthetic Biology Strategy

Incumbents in many industries are experimenting with syn-bio engagement strategies. However, they can’t rely solely on traditional buying and selling relationships because the syn-bio ecosystem in still very nascent.

Fortune | February 3, 2023

In Synthetic Biology, Startups And Incumbent Companies Should Be Partners, Not Foes

Advances in syn-bio depend on incumbent companies and startups working together and leveraging each others' strengths, only then can both generate all the benefits that the science promises.

Fortune | January 6, 2023

To Make the Global South More Competitive, its Leading Companies Must Become A.I. National Champions

The adoption of AI in the Global South is hindered by the lack of talent, infrastructure, and local AI firms. To remain competitive, incumbents must play the role of AI "national champions", and become the prime consumers of the new technology in their home markets. By initiating AI adoption, "national champions" can sow the seeds of an AI ecosystem and catalyze talent creation.

Fortune | December 2, 2022

To Get The Most From Your Company’s A.I. Investment, Consider The Uniqueness of A.I.’s Risks and Benefits

AI’s learning capabilities can lead to innovative business opportunities, generate creative insights, and algorithms that are capable of learning from users’ or consumers’ behavior.

Fortune | November 4, 2022

A.I. Empowers Employees, Not Just Companies. Here’s How Leaders Can Spread That Message

Contrary to conventional wisdom, A.I. forges a symbiotic relationship between an organization and its people.

22 Minutes | March 4, 2020

Competing in the Age of AI with Karim Lakhani

Listen to Karim Lakhani of Harvard Business School discuss his new book about how AI is changing the way we think about competition, organization and business models.

23 Minutes | September 14, 2021

AI 2041 with Kai-Fu Lee

Kai-Fu Lee, CEO of Sinovation Ventures, discusses his new book, AI 2041, sharing his thinking and predictions on AI’s potential applications and explores human deillemmas which arise as a result.

28 Minutes | October 19, 2021

The Exponential Age with Azeem Azhar

The creator of the Exponential View newsletter and community published a new book on how technology impacts economies and companies, and how this force can be best harnessed.

MIT Sloan Management Review | May 25, 2023

The Incumbent’s Deep Tech Strategy Playbook

By taking a three-step approach to engaging with deep-tech ecosystems, incumbent companies can remain competitive, drive innovation, and create commercially valuable offerings.

Harvard Business Review | May 12, 2023

AI Can Be Both Accurate and Transparent

Organizations should think carefully before integrating unexplainable, “black box” AI tools into their operations, and take steps to help determine whether these models are really worth the risk before moving forward. | May 8, 2023

Engaging Consumers in a Generative AI World

Large language model-powered virtual assistants are about to get between traditional companies and their customers, forcing executives to make tough choices sooner than expected. | April 7, 2023

What’s Missing from Your AI Transformation Is a Transformer

Collaborating with AI startups or scale-ups to overcome technology gaps, skills deficits, and obsolescent ways of working can yield immense benefits for incumbent companies.

BCG Henderson Institute | March 14, 2023

How CEOs Can Evaluate New Generative AI Models

As GPT-4 and other new models are released, leaders need to constantly assess the implications for their business. | March 7, 2023

The CEO’s Guide to the Generative AI Revolution

This powerful technology has the potential to disrupt nearly every industry, promising both competitive advantage and creative destruction. Here’s how to strategize for that future.

François Candelon

François Candelon

Global Director, BCG Henderson Institute