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The rapid emergence of new technologies offers tremendous benefits, but few organizations are reaping their full potential. The competitiveness of nations, industries, and companies will hinge on the capacity to transform through waves of innovation, as leaders navigate AI competitiveness, deep tech, metaverse, AI & society, systemic trust, the data economy, bionic customer interactions, and digital hegemony.

Generative AIView All

Look beyond today’s hype—to a future (perhaps quite near) in which Generative AI systems play a critical role in business and society.

BCG Henderson Institute | March 14, 2023

How CEOs Can Evaluate New Generative AI Models

As GPT-4 and other new models are released, leaders need to constantly assess the implications for their business. | March 7, 2023

The CEO’s Guide to the Generative AI Revolution

This powerful technology has the potential to disrupt nearly every industry, promising both competitive advantage and creative destruction. Here’s how to strategize for that future.

BCG Henderson Institute | February 9, 2023

How to Unlock Hidden Value from Generative AI

Prompt engineering is only the beginning—it’s time to start experimenting.

BCG Henderson Institute | January 19, 2023

What ChatGPT Reveals About the Urgent Need for Responsible AI

As Generative AI democratizes adoption, new challenges loom for organizations.

BCG Henderson Institute | January 5, 2023

ChatGPT Will Change Many Things—But It Won’t Change Everything

When adopting Generative AI, don’t forget the fundamentals.

BCG Henderson Institute | December 14, 2022

What ChatGPT Really Means for the Future of Business

The viral chatbot’s underlying technology will democratize AI and disrupt industries.

AI CompetitivenessView All

How can companies and governments unlock the full benefits of AI to build competitive advantage? | November 1, 2022

AI Empowers Employees, Not Just Companies

Our recent survey shows that using artificial intelligence at work benefits both organizations and employees. Increasing employee awareness, trust, and understanding of AI further enhances its value.

Fortune | June 3, 2022

You Can Now Put A.I. Tools In The Hands of All Your Employees. But Should You?

If they’re used indiscriminately, no-code/low-code platforms for A.I. are likely to end up doing more harm than good.

Fortune | May 6, 2022

Getting The Balance Right—3 Keys To Perfecting The Human-A.I. Combination For Your Business

In the age of AI where algorithms continuously improve through interaction and mutual learning with humans, companies must realize that their AI efforts won’t be optimal if they only focus on the technology or humans. They need to combine both.

Fortune | April 4, 2022

What do Starbucks, Tesla, and John Deere have in common? They’ve used A.I. to reinvent their businesses

Reinventing business with A.I. is no longer a hypothetical proposition; in the age of A.I., that may be the only way for every organization to thrive.

Fortune | July 2, 2021

China’s Business ‘Ecosystems’ Are Helping It Win The Global A.I. Race

The way governments, institutions, and companies—the triple helix of business innovation—interact influences an ecosystem’s formation, especially when an entire nation treats a technology as a strategic priority.

Deep TechView All

Explore emerging transformational technologies beyond AI and their potential impact on businesses.

BCG.COM | August 25, 2022

Can Europe Catch Up with the US (and China) in Quantum Computing?

Because the technology will profoundly disrupt global business, government, and military networks, achieving quantum sovereignty is a critical task for the EU.

Fortune | August 5, 2022

‘Deep Tech’ Has Become One Of The Most Powerful Use Cases For A.I. In Business. Here Are 3 Keys To Making It Work

Deep Tech is catalyzing groundbreaking innovations faster than ever. Having established its reputation as a problem-driven approach to tackle complex problems by combining new physical technologies with sophisticated digital technologies, it is inevitable that Deep Tech will disrupt incumbents in almost every industry.

BCG.COM | May 19, 2022

What CEOs Need to Know About Deep Tech

Advanced technologies will bring big changes. Which companies will be ready to capitalize?

BCG.COM | February 10, 2022

Synthetic Biology Is About to Disrupt Your Industry

Synthetic biology technologies are finally maturing, becoming the way almost anything can be manufactured competitively and sustainably. Business must learn to use syn-bio to develop new products and processes, improve existing ones, and reduce costs to remain competitive in the future.

AI & SocietyView All

AI can be a critical lever to both solve and heighten societal challenges. How can we ensure that it creates a positive impact? 

Fortune | May 6, 2022

Getting The Balance Right—3 Keys To Perfecting The Human-A.I. Combination For Your Business

In the age of AI where algorithms continuously improve through interaction and mutual learning with humans, companies must realize that their AI efforts won’t be optimal if they only focus on the technology or humans. They need to combine both.

Harvard Business Review | August 17, 2021

AI Regulation Is Coming

As firms embed more and more artificial intelligence in products and processes, attention is shifting to the potential for algorithms to make bad or biased decisions. Inevitably, many governments will feel regulation is essential to protect consumers. In a new article published by Harvard Business Review, we look into how this regulation might take shape and what it means for companies.

MIT Sloan Management Review | October 20, 2020

Expanding A.I’s Impact With Organizational Learning

In order to see significant financial returns, organizations need a multidimensional, complex relationship with AI—one that involves several methods of learning and different modes of interaction.

BCG.COM | April 2, 2020

The Rise of the AI-Powered Company in the Post-Crisis World

Shifts in global supply chains, changing consumption patterns, and the increasing prevalence of remote ways of working—trends that were underway long before the COVID-19 crisis—will accelerate. AI can help companies thrive in this new environment.

Systemic TrustView All

In the digital era, the demand for trust is skyrocketing. How can a company design a digital architecture to build trust among its stakeholders?

BCG.COM | May 20, 2022

What AI Reveals About Trust in the World’s Largest Companies

BCG’s AI-based Trust Index enables companies to break down stakeholder perceptions of their trustworthiness. Analyses based on the Index have yielded valuable insights about what builds, sustains, or destroys trust.

BCG.COM | February 14, 2022

Why Trust Should Be Part of the Antitrust Conversation

Regulators are turning up the heat on digital platforms, but traditional remedies are clearly not adequate. Viewing antitrust through the lens of trust may provide answers.

BCG.COM | December 14, 2021

Beyond Blockchain: The Promise of Digital Trust Networks

In the digital era, the demand for trust is skyrocketing. So how does a company design a digital architecture to build trust among its stakeholders?

BCG.COM | December 10, 2021

Vibrant Cities Are Built on Trust

Cities that forge trust with their residents are on the right track to a sustainable future. What does it take?

TED | May 4, 2021

7 Tools for Building a Business People Trust

Why do we trust some companies and not others?

BCG.COM | February 10, 2021

Building Trust in Business Ecosystems

Winning companies use a multifaceted framework to build trust into their ecosystem operations from the very outset.

Data EconomyView All

While many companies are well underway on their digital journeys, most organizations have yet to realize their data’s full potential.

TED | March 2, 2022

Three Ways Your Company’s Data Can Jump-Start Climate Action

Many companies are still wary of sharing data that could expose them to risk and diminish their competitive advantage. What if uniting towards a common goal could help them overcome these fears?

BCG Henderson Institute | June 3, 2021

Making Technology Transformation Competitively Relevant

Realizing the promise of digital and gaining a sustainable advantage takes much more than investments in technology. Companies need to expand their capabilities of perception, cognition, and sociality to discover and exploit hidden relationships.

BCG.COM | March 15, 2021

The New Tech Tools in Data Sharing

A complex marketplace is taking shape. Corporate management teams with data-sharing interests need to get up to speed.

BCG.COM | February 11, 2021

Where Is Data Sharing Headed?

Most large companies are migrating at least some of their data and IT infrastructure to cloud services provided by so-called hyperscalers, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

BCG.COM | September 29, 2020

How Far Can Your Data Go?

How should companies think about use cases that are distant, unknown, or do not yet exist?

Bionic Customer InteractionsView All

Consumer preferences are rapidly evolving with the emergence of new technologies. What could the future of consumer interaction look like?

Harvard Business Review | March 20, 2023

High-Tech Touchpoints Are Changing Customer Experience

We see three opportunities for business leaders who want to enhance their companies’ CX and drive greater satisfaction. First, focus on frictionless commerce. Second, consider augmented experiences. Finally, emphasize intuitive interactions. | February 21, 2023

Touchpoints and the Revolution in Omnichannel

Touchpoint-centric engagement could unleash massive value for customers and businesses. Taking just a few key steps will help companies reap the rewards.

BCG.COM | June 22, 2022

The Declining Relevance of Humans in Delivering What Customers Want

Retailers and service providers should rethink where and how they deploy their sales agents in light of data that shows current approaches aren’t delivering the experiences consumers want.

TED | December 16, 2021

Siri, Alexa, Google…What comes Next?

What will the next generation of digital helpers look like? BCG Henderson Institute Fellow Karen Lellouche Tordjman breaks down the two critical challenges engineers need to crack before they can usher in a new age of smart voice assistants

BCG.COM | November 13, 2020

The New Consumer Conversation in an Era of Uncertainty

Consumer preferences are changing rapidly, outpacing companies’ traditional abilities to track and respond to trends. Data and AI can provide new eyes and ears.

Digital HegemonyView All

Two centers of gravity govern today’s digital world: the US and China. Will these centers hold, or will the gains be more widely distributed? 

OECD Development Matters | February 9, 2021

Developing an Artificial Intelligence for Africa strategy

African companies need to create an environment in which AI can take root, ensure access to data, infrastructure, and licenses, and grow AI talent in order to strengthen the AI ecosystem in the continent.

Fortune | December 4, 2020

Europe is missing out on the A.I. revolution—but it isn’t too late to catch up

Europe is at a crossroads. Missing today’s opportunity to digitize its industry with A.I. will have grave consequences for the continent’s long-term competitiveness, and for local employment. Immediate action is needed.

BCG Henderson Institute | May 10, 2020

Europe Can Catch Up in AI, But Must Act — Today

Its leaders must quickly implement policy reforms that will enable EU companies to deploy AI at scale.

BCG Henderson Institute | April 26, 2020

As COVID-19 Crisis Reveals, Europe Urgently Needs to Digitize its Industry

Industrial players have no time to lose. They need to catch up in digital by committing to a dramatic transformation.

BCG.COM | May 22, 2019

Are China’s Digital Companies Ready to Go Global?

More and more are confident that they have the expertise, technological capabilities, and financial resources to succeed outside their home market.

BCG.COM | January 11, 2019

Get Ready for the Chinese Internet’s Next Chapter

Now that the country’s major online players have conquered the consumer space, they’re intent on digitizing B2B industries and building platform-based businesses.